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Morgantown MOW Spotlight: Linda Justice

Say hello to Linda Justice, our coordinator and interviewer for Route A (which covers Star City, out route 7 to Indian Creek road and between route 7 and the Pennsylvania line). She learned about an opportunity with meals on wheels from a friend she sang in choir with. When she retired in 2005, she knew that she needed to keep her mind sharp by staying busy, so she turned our way. Linda started out as a driver, but was later asked to sit on the board. While on the board, some other doors opened for her as well. She ended up being treasurer, bookkeeper, and office manager of a sort, making sure things were all in order. While being treasurer, she advocated for moving some of the tasks associated with treasury onto the computer, which she says has made their lives a lot easier. Linda says it is very rewarding to be able to bring fresh food to those who can’t cook for themselves. She adds that drivers bringing meals adds a layer of security to the clients’ loved ones, because they know that there will be someone there to check on them.

We are providing more meals than ever to vulnerable clients. Your GIFT can help us sustain our mission.