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Morgantown MOW Spotlight: Myla Bowman

Let us introduce Myla Bowman, a driver for 5 years, and an integral part of our team! To use her own words, she’s “worn many hats” throughout her 10 years working for Meals on Wheels, including being a former board member and president. She was initially recruited by a Rotarian claiming that the job was easy, however as she pointed out, there’s a bit more involved than what he claimed. She was in charge of renovating the sanctuary into new space, and putting together a speakers bureau to educate about Meals on Wheels. She currently drives, coordinates the driving route, and conducts interviews of clients to better meet their needs, dietary and logistically. Myla greatly enjoys driving for MOW and takes pride in being able to provide for people who cannot prepare meals on their own. She enjoys the company of our clients and stresses how rewarding the experience with Meals on Wheels has been, and encourages others to participate too! 

We are providing more meals than ever to vulnerable clients. Your GIFT can help us sustain our mission.