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Founded in February 1973, Morgantown Area Meals On Wheels continues to serve the Greater Morgantown Area.—Click here for MOW History— the Morgantown Area Meals on Wheels is a 501C tax exempt, not-for-profit, corporation registered with the State of West Virginia.

Our bylaws define our Membership: Any person will be considered to have general membership and be eligible for elected or appointed membership on the Board if they subscribe to the mission of the corporation and have served in the past calendar year as a volunteer or have provided financial aid to the organization in that year.

Like many corporations, the governing body of our organization is a Board of Directors.

Board Membership:

  1. Elected Members. There are a minimum of twelve elected members serving on the Board, one third of whom are elected each year at the annual meeting in the Spring. Elected members may vote and hold office. These elected Board members serve a maximum of two consecutive three-year terms. After the lapse of one year, an individual may be elected again for a three-year term.
  2. Appointed Members include the Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Kitchen/Personnel Coordinator, Volunteer Driver Coordinators, Route Coordinators, Client Interviewers, Courier Coordinator and the Chairs of major standing committees. All are appointed by the president, confirmed by the Board and have all the rights and privileges of elected members.
  3. Organizational Membership consists of representatives from the Goshen Baptist Church, Suncrest United Methodist Church, Rock Forge Presbyterian Church and a Nutrition Consultant.


The officers of the corporation are the president, president-elect, past president, recording secretary, financial secretary, and treasurer. A nominating committee, appointed by the president with the advice and consent of the Board, recommends a slate of officers to the membership for election at the Annual Meeting.


The Executive Committee consists of the elected officers, the treasurer, and two additional Board members selected by the president and approved by the Board. The Executive Committee discharges the responsibilities of the Board between meetings of the Board. Actions taken by the Executive Committee must be communicated to and approved by the full Board.

The Chairs of Standing Committees are members of the Board appointed by the President. At present the active Standing Committees are: Building and Grounds, Client Interview, Finance, Kitchen/Personnel, Nominating, and Volunteer Driver.

Special committees may be created as needed. One example is the Website Committee created in January '08 to develop this website for the organization.

At present there are over 100 drivers, shoppers, couriers, volunteer officers, Board members and committee members of the Morgantown Area Meals on Wheels Corporation. Many individuals serve in multiple capacities.


3375 University Avenue

Morgantown, WV 26505